Evening Melodrama & BBQ Special Train 2018 - Aug 18 & Sept 15 steam TRAIN

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Join us for our hilarious melodrama Choo-Choo Chicanery aboard the historic V&T train!
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- Smokin hot BBQ prior to the melodrama at the depot. Includes a free drink.

- Totally fun melodrama Choo-Choo Chicanery!

- Beautiful summer evening train ride down the Carson River Canyon and back

- Event times: 5:00PM - 8:30PM

Melodrama Synopsis

Barton Balderdash is attempting to gain control of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad by sabotaging their passenger trains which results in drastically increasing their insurance rates.

His dirty work consists of cutting the brake line on one of the passenger dining cars, which in turn causes the entire train to lose brake pressure. While riding the train to Virginia City, he meets Ted Trustworthy, a Wells Fargo Railroad detective assigned to investigate the sabotage.

Both Ted and Balderdash are also smitten by Modestly Faithful's beauty and compete for her hand.

- Can Tom stop Balderdash from succeeding in his evil scheme?

You can only get the answers to these questions by joining us for “Choo-Choo Chicanery!”


Round trip departs Carson City Eastgate Depot at 5:00pm. Please arrive 30 minutes early. We reserve the right to sell your ticket if you do not arrive on time.

(775) 291-0208 or (877) 724-5007

We strongly recommend booking your ticket in Advance. Price: all ages $75.

If you’re traveling and don’t have a printer, simply write down your confirmation code and bring it in with you at check-in.

Gift Certificates: To purchase, call our ticketing associate: (775) 291-0208.

Group Discounts: For discounts of 20 or more riders, please call (877) RAIL-007 (877-724-5007) or (775) 291-0208. Click Here for Group Info.

Offered By: V & T Railway Rides

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